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Delighting Consumers

Delighting consumers is a part of our mission and reflects our goal of offering consumers superior products that say ‘goodness’, ‘natural’ and ‘just like home-made’.

What consumers say about Hero Baby

"Very convenient! Hero Baby is exactly what I need, my baby loves apple compote jar and eats it almost everyday."

"A very respectful company, they listen to their consumers and support them with full transparency."

"I've always trusted Hero since I had my first baby and onwards, never let me down, Hero Baby is the best."

"Very gentle on little tummies and delicious too."

"I love the variety of all different fruit and vegetable combinations and my baby likes them all. Thank you for making meal times easier for me and my baby."

What consumers say about Hero Fruits

"I always enjoy Vitrac drinks; at work, with meals and on summer trips with friends."

"Vitrac is the superstar on special occasions!"

"The juice is very natural just like homemade juices.."

"Vitrac brings so many memories...it is very special to our hearts."