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Our Baby Milk

With a firm heritage and more than 125 years of experience, the Swiss rooted Hero group has showed eminent interest in the field of infant nutrition. The Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition with its advisory board of renowned nutritionists and pediatricians have utilized the most recent studies and updates on infant nutrition to provide babies whenever needed with special formula milk that contains the sufficient nutrients of natural breast milk and is the closest to it.

- Hero Baby Nutradefense formula combines the essential combination of nutrients present in natural breast milk including the long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPFAs), Nucleotides and prebiotics GOS and therefore is proven to be the closest to breast milk and provides babies with the nutrition and defense needed for their development and immunity.

- Hero Baby formula fulfils all needed criteria for an adequate and complete nutrition for the development and growth of babies.

- Hero Baby Lactose Free (Hero Baby LF) is the most advanced formula which is widely recommended and prescribed by pediatricians in cases of lactose intolerance that results in persistent diarrhea.

Baby Milk Sourcing

Abiding by the international guidelines E.g. EFSA & Codex Alimentarius, Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition applies strict baby grade standards in terms of product development. The institute's research and development teams apply science based innovation in products development and work according to the guidelines and recommendations of leading international pediatric experts who constantly support the HIIN.